10 Facts about Air Charter you should know

Have you heard the term of ‘air charter’? Some of us this may be more likely to hear the term airplane. That fact, during this airplane is that has been chosen by many people when they will travel to far off places. 10 Facts about Air Charter you should know will help you understand many aspects.  On the other hand, commercial airlines is more hassle, you should prepare their trips ahead of time from the start to buy tickets, prepare luggage, and know the route flight and others. But actually, there is a solution that is simpler and easier to fly, it is by using the services of aircharter. Here, there are some things exactly advantages able to get from the aircharter service.


1# Immediate Access to Air Transportation

Access to air charter is easier to do than to commercial scheduled aircraft operations. It is because you are renting a full aircraft so you define what you want, where to go, what to carry and what you want to do onboard. You have access to get into the aircraft anytime and anywhere you want based on your needs. You do not need to buy a ticket, booking, and check-in, weigh baggage and others. Just come to the airport majority have business lounge access where you relax while waiting for your partners or while loading your belongings and ready to fly wherever you wish according to plan.

2# Luxury on  Air Travel

By flying with air charter, it is considered as luxury travel however this are becoming more affordable. While in flight, you can work, do a meeting, sleeping or even smoking in flight. It’s very different to when we do the traveling using commercial aircraft. Seating and amenities available in the air charter is usually more complete than the one provided in the commercials’.


3# go to the place as you want

In the charter flights, the flight schedule is flexible to adjust to your needs. You can fly and go anywhere in accordance with your wishes. You can imagine if you want to go to several different places but using commercial schedule aircraft, it will certainly not very flexible to do. Yet, by hiring a whole plane, this will be very easy for you can go anywhere without having to change the aircraft, choose.


4# Depart and land any time at almost all airport

Furthermore another advantage you can get is where you can stop at the airport anywhere you want. That’s because almost all air charter company has access to landing at many airports can not only locally but on the international level. But indeed they must have a document legalization advance and also a part of the international air charter association.

5# varies of aircrafts

To hire air charter, you can choose from several types of aircraft available. You can choose to fly with jet, helicopter, and others as needed. It can be adapted to the needs, the number of passengers and other needs. In the aircraft, you can feel the incredible taste even more than when you fly will first class on commercial airlines.

6# avoid delayed or cancelled flights

By selecting the right air charter, you will then be able to get timely flight as a intended. There will be no delay or fail to fly as commonly happened in commercial airlines. It is because the aircraft will be ready for use after we do charters, in addition, the air operator is responsible for replacement aircraft.



7# Keep Your Productivity

Because this will help you to avoid the delay and gain access to the air with ease, then it certainly will help keep your productivity. You can still work while on the plane and then could arrive at its destination in accordance with the agenda and schedule. Even while on board, you can work in a comfortable atmosphere.

8# Safety is the Highest Concern

For the air charter passenger, safety became one of the most concerned. Passengers just need to enjoy the trip with a good suit while working, meeting, sleeping or even smoking without having to worry about safety issues. Air charter also has a feasibility test and maintenance continue so that its performance remains good.

9# Limitation

Although you are free to fly anywhere at any time, there are some limitation that you have to be aware in advance. From Crew Duty time and rest requirement limitations, where you can not just delay your flight without informing the operator as this may impact the flight crew rest consequently fatigue.  Another limitation is the airport operating hours, most of international airport have 24 / 7 airport operations, however some smaller regional airport may have operating restrictions or even joint civilian and military airport have certain time restrictions that you have to be aware.

10# Air charter potential disputes

There are couple of potential disputes that you should be aware of, sometimes for last minute flight that you change decision as you are in hurry and not aware of the charter agreement in details you may end up loosing significant portion. As an example you change the departure time and the aircraft have already agreement to pick up somebody else. Another unwanted situation that you have agreed for a certain flight and you cancel the flight last minute and ask refund, some company have 50% refund, some have 25% refund and some other operator may not refund at all. So it is wise to read the contract thoroughly and ask the sales charter coordinator about cancellation policy.

Those are what you should know about the air flight charter, either in good advantages or on the opposite side that makes your final decision wisely when deciding for chartering the aircraft. Have a safe and enjoy flight with your air charter, should you need further information, do not hesitate to contact us.