What Is Air charter from legal perspective ?
Air charter from legal perspective is an aircraft leasing business as one off as opposed to the periodic scheduled airlines that operate on fixed schedules. It is means transportation for people with immediate access to aircraft. People do not need to prepare their scheduled time and purchase the ticket, by chartering the aircraft you can access the aircraft anytime to anyplace. Without having dependency with arrangement, time and other restriction. Air charter can help people individually or company to rent the aircraft based on their individual needs. Some of needs including air cargo, emergency evacuations, air ambulance services, company meetings, holiday charter travel, and other form of private transportation.
A Short History
• The First Airlines
Aircraft is a plane that has a heavier weight than air, fixed wing, and can be fly with certain power. First aircraft flown by the Wright brothers namely both Orville Wright and Wilbur Wright. It was launched in 1903 in the United States using its own aircraft design which was called as ‘Flyer’.
• The Development of Airlines Industry
After the age of Wright, aircraft had many modifications in design, shape and aircraft engines. Those were done to meet the transport needs of the larger of air transportation. Later on, in 1949 a larger commercial aircraft made was named Bristol Brabazon. Meanwhile, the world’s largest passenger plane is the A380 that was made by Airbus industry from Europe.
• The Emergence of Air charter
Air charter emergence as one of the solutions is to provide a convenient flight options. In many countries in the world, commercial airlines are already existed in so many choices. Unfortunately still has shortcomings that must exist in the plan ahead of time before the flight, the route destination is also limited. Therefore, to meet the needs of passengers with the desire as well as individual plans, then comes the solution called ‘Air charter’.
Regulatory Considerations of Air charter
Air Charter company can not operate its business for granted but must go through several processes to serve renting either for domestic or international. There are some guidelines for applicants to get the permission to operate charter flights for international flight or domestic of air charter Indonesia.
The International Regulatory
Air charter to international regulations, it is set in the International charter guidelines. Applicant must prepare dossiers to apply for permission to operate an international charter flight. If applicants want to get permit to operate services review of international air charter, they usually must submit permit applications what conducted at the department. Applicants must provide detailed information about the type of aircraft to be used, the best registry conditions and other requirements.

The international regulatory standarisation body is ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation), the ICAO standardize the regulations practically throughout the world, that is being adopter by Civil Aviation Authorities of its memberstates.

In addition, there is an association for the Air Charter represented by each region to have international standards, in the US, they have NBAA (National Business Aircraft association) or IBAC (international Business aviation council) and many others, the intention of this association is to standardize not to regulate.

The National Regulatory body
Every country has a special regulation for air operations, chartering flight and aircraft criteria. For scheduled commercial air transport and non-scheduled commercial air transport (including with foreign civil aircraft), they shall hold Air operator certificate commonly known as AOC. The primary purpose of having an AOC is to regulate that the operator meet standard safety and security conditions.
Prior to the issuance of the AOC, there are various element that need to meet regulator requirements such as
1. Organisation: the organization must have adequate management to manage the air charter operations, this include initial business plan to ensure they can initially operate for certain period without ideal income.
2. Documentations / manuals: the air charter operations must have documentation on how they perform the job.
3. Facility: the facility have to accommodate their organization requirements
4. Aircraft: the aircraft have to meet minimum age and maintenance standard requirements
5. Personnel: all the personnel have to be licensed and authorized to perform their work
6. Safety: the new Safety Management System must be in place
7. Security; the operator, personnel and procedures must be available to ensure the aircraft operations is secure enough

Those are above the description and explanation about what is the Air Charter, Short History and the regulatory aspects of Air charter if you want to know more about international, middle east and or Indonesia air charter you can contact us.