Aviation market diversification strategy

The Aerotek aviation group has been in aviation consulting business within jack of all trades in initial development phase of the organisation, since there are many partners with different background.  There are advantages and disadvantages, in becoming know all aspects, however this loose the focus and productivity path of the growth, since 2016, there are many step that aerotek develop their strategy to becoming worldwide markets and start diversification in their market with specific expertise to focus on their specific field.  For air charter aspects, the newly establish air charter broker the focus on this flitecharter.com is to have variety of organization in various location and giving the opportunities to the regional area to take the ownership.  in addition newly aviation employment has been develop using specific testing tools that is intended to pre screen aviation related skills prior to enter to the recruiter or the employer, by doing this, we assist the employer to minimise the time in recruitment processes.

The group have started to breakdown their satellite office in Fortlauderdale, Florida, USA , Canada and Middle east, the growth is not targeted as quantity however targeting the quality of the services that focus in to individual company to be assist in aviation employment and charter broker services.  It is expected that in 2017 the service start to develop in specific regional office.

The diversification strategy is considered one of the immediate action required especially for non scheduled air operators where the impact of fuel prices may have long term impact in air charter demand, where most of the charter demand is indirectly driven by Oil and Gas industry.

Primary impact can be seen in middle east where the higher official and major organization who used to take if for granted have to rethink its air travel policy, the previous corporate travel for contract meeting or last minute meeting arrangement that used to utilize air charter have moved to business class airliners. The new diversification is to market corporate to share their annual utilization and block for a cheaper options.