Delivery of air cargo charter using conventional services will usually require some consideration. Moreover, some companies offering courier services will apply certain rules. In addition, you also have to spend tailored to the type and size of the cargo. Choosing Air Cargo Charter operations looks easy,  however, things you should know are not many places that can be the reach by shipments to the company. If you want to send the cargo in a fairly remote area, of course, the costs involved will be more. The whole of these considerations allow you to take the decision to use the Air Cargo Charter.

The service usually involves Air Charter with ease and conditions which are not too difficult. Costs you need also to be adapted to the purpose and type of cargo. Security and comfort offered on these services makes you easier to send a lot of stuff.

However, you also have to perform an important consideration when choosing the services of Air Cargo Charter. Some things that could be part of the decision to get the best services such as:


  1. Terms and conditions by Air Cargo Company

Before you use the services of a cargo like this should consider several conditions that must be done. This provision is usually based on the essential requirements of you. In addition, this provision will also arrange all the services you need in a certain time. Some companies usually apply very strict provisions. Of course, this provision will also provide benefits to you to maintain the comfort and security of shipments. Pay attention to all provisions of these cargo services very well. This is done to avoid fines or damages for you. Simple things such as who take care of the hay loader, who will pay the ground transportation from aircraft to the cargo area, who will arrange the documentation once the goods is already in cargo area, etc


  1. Costs estimation

The cost of shipping cargo is important things that affect your decision. In addition, each of the Air Charter also offers different costs. Usually the cost of the cargo is tailored to the size, type, and destination. Size big enough of course will need more shipping cost. Sometimes there is also a small-sized cargo requires considerable expense. This is because the cargo was part of a kind of very important or quite dangerous. Some dangerous cargo is kind enough to make you have to spend a lot of money. Cargo services also will maintain the security of the items you send. Consider also the distance required to reach the shipping destination. The further delivery of cargo of course you will also incur a greater cost.


  1. Insurance for cargo

You should apply to the entire cargo insurance to be delivered. This will provide an excellent advantage for you and the entire cargo. Especially applied to cargo insurance will also protect to arrive at the destination. Adjustment provisions of such insurance are usually based on company policy. In addition, the type and price of the entire cargo is also a consideration to get a better insurance. Of course you have to know the detail information about the application and insurance provisions that you get on the cargo. This is to avoid the cancellation of an insurance claim on the cargo.


  1. Know your requirements

Many cargo owner does not familiar with the processes, the first homework you want to do is, Is it really urgent, secondly what payload you require to carry and what is the range, if the range is within medium aircraft such as Boeing Boeing B737, you would not charter a Boeing B747 cargo. However if the range does not meet B737, you may want to compare B737 with two stops. Finally the airport selection is also important whether the B747 can land and take off with the goods on board with specified range, also bear in mind that the support such as loader is available at the destinations, especially large goods.

  1. Choose the best

There are many options Air Cargo Charter, which provides convenience by offering the best. The best service you get will usually provide more choices aircraft. The more the air of these services of course, you will be easier to adjust cargo shipping needs. If you have a cargo with a large enough size you should choose a bigger plane. However, if you have the important cargo to be shipped should select the aircraft with the latest technology.