EFB (Electronic Flight Bag)

EFB ( Electronic Flight Bag)

Why Electronic Flight Bag ?

The number of manpower required to maintain documentation and to train the crew to operate and arrange paperwork in the aircraft is not simple and laborious task, including cockpit management, missing /dislocated charts, its a time consuming.

Every increase of unit of weight will increase 5% of your fuel burn, if your aircraft documentation on board weight 50kg, it will burn 5% extra = 2.5kg or .8USG per hour or at this time equivalent to USD3/hr.   If you operate 300hrs / mo and you have 100 fleet, this will save USD1 Million a year. This only one aspect that can be quantified, not to mention manpower reduction to maintain paper in to paperless.

How to get EFB approved ?
Any PED (Portable Electronic Device) requires EMI / EMC test, expecially T-EFB that have transmitting capabilities. Depending Class and Type of application, you will need the following documentations
– EFB Letter of application and supporting documentations
– AFM supplement (For STC Class 2 or 3)- Decompression test report
– Lithium Battery fire and consumption documentations
– EFB Administration and operational documentations
Once these steps completed, you will obtain approval (sample of: FAA EFB approval)
Which EFB is suitable for you ? EFB classification
In addition, you need to provide crew training and implementations
Should you need further assistant, you may contact us.

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