What are the ethics of air charter brokers?, air charter business sound an interesting and huge profit business, it may sound good but the truth is not as simple as it is being observed, private jet prices can be very high, however the charter plane business is not a regular business that you can make money especially when you are working as aircraft broker when the charter flight cost  may involve hundred of thousand or million or US dollar.  so what are the ethics of air charter brokers

As an air charter broker, there are various challenges that the company is facing, particularly when the end user and the air operator belongs to different countries and the broker is in another countries.

However in general, the rules and code of conduct is typically identical.

An  Air Charter Association such as BACA or other air charter broker association

Have various aspects in code of conducts and estimate charter brokerage fee

What are the ethics of air charter brokers

  • Awareness and strict compliance to rules and regulations as well as the code of conduct, ethics or standards.
  • That they have to comply with all legal matters where their company resides and within international law, ICAO standard as well as UN (United Nations) agreements.
  • That they have to maintain high professional  standards in performing their daily business activities.
  • To perform sound, fair, honour and ethical within the brokers and the clients, including no differentiation to race, nationality, religion or gender and to take any differences to the association.
  • To respond to complaints as soon as reasonable  in an honor manners, and perform corrective action immediately.
  • Strictly they have to keep confidentiality especially on sensitive clients, businesses and trade information’s.
  • To train the staff appropriately in maintaining high standards of quality and services.
  • To honor the agreed written contract additionally to the third party such as broker commissions, as well as taxes that are applicable in the business jet operations

When you are acting as the private jet charter flights company, or individual capacity in private jet charter flights businesses, you have to be clear when offering the services whether you are the primary contractor or the broker,  whether their role is to be as Principal or air charter Broker you have to be honest and clear during negotiations, and within the contract.

Keep open when acting as broker and not trying to hide any additional charges without the agreements

Clearly inform or write in your introduction that you are a broker not an air operator

Make sure that you obtain the complete legality when acting as broker such as AOC certificates, operations specifications (if needed), area of operations, and other limitations such as flight time limitations.

Finally, the aviation world is a small world, once you make mistakes or intentionally deviate from standards it will be difficult to climb the career again to gain trust.