How to choose Air Charter company through the Simple Steps

Are you planning to rent an air charter?  For those of you who are already planning to hire a private plane for the needs of business, travel, or other, you should consider a few things first. Before you find one of the best air charter company, it’s a good practice if you do a search first. You should be able to make sure that the aircraft that you are chartering or renting  according to what you need.

The company also must be absolutely the best and trustworthy so that you can get a guarantee to get the maximum service from the cabin staffs and company managements.

To help you chartering the right aircraft from the right company, here there are some procedures and ways you can do. Those are to help you for making the best chartering process to be easier, faster, and safer.

Determine Your Flight Need

The first thing you should do is determine what you need. This means that you must know in advance what actually make you decide to rent the private aircraft. In general, there are some kinds of requirement that are often to be a reason of why people rent a private airplane. Here below are some of them:

  • Cargo Shipping
  • Emergency evacuations
  • Air ambulance services
  • Company meetings
  • Holiday travel
  • And other

Hire Best and Trusted AIr charter Company

The next thing you should do is to find a company leasing the aircraft. There are many companies that can be rented out, but certainly not all of them suit for you. There are some things to be considered when selecting the company, including about their reputation especially on safety matters. Be sure to choose a reputable and trusted by many others. Make sure also to check the legality of company operations whether having a legal permission from the department or another elements.

The main homework to check prior to charter the plane are

AOC (Air Operator Certificate)

The AOC describes the legal authorization issued by the state on what kind of operator is authorized, commercial scheduled air transportation, Un scheduled operations or limited operations such as private or corporate only.

Operations Specifications

While the operations specification is similar document that is issued to specify what kind of operations, area of operations, specific navigation and communication and managerial personnel’s and many others.  For some states or countries, it is not practical to ask operations specification as it may be too bulky, but you may want to ask specific paragraph that describes the authorization of operations, which area and what kind of air charter operations they are authorized.


The insurance is the important element of the air charter, some insurance is limited with low claim while some may be complete including high risk area and specific destinations or pilot limitations.

Other input

You may ask around or go to aviation safety websites to review accident or incident data. And some good operators have additional supplemental certifications that they have been audited by international independent body, such as IOSA, ISBAO, IBAC, Wyverns etc

Review the Air charter Offered

Once you find one of the best company’s selection, then the next you should learn is what they are offering. Surely there are some deals that they offer; you can choose which offer flights according to your need. In the offer, there is usually a lot of other information such as the types of aircraft used, pricing and other facilities. In here, make sure to review it well so you can choose which one most suitable selection based on what you needs.

Don’t Forget! Understand the Rule and Policy

Then, something else that is equally important to review is about the rules and policies that are usually present in the contract. Never make a deal before reading and understanding the contract. In this contract, there are some things that you can learn as well as agreed amount to pay, payment methods, services provided, insurance, and the last but not least the refund or cancellation policy. Make sure that the contract is not detrimental to you as the party that would rent the aircraft. It is a must for you to get the best value from the company.

Make A Deal

When everything was confident, then you just need to make a deal with the company. Nowadays usually deal process can easily be done as we have access to most of online tools that can give you rough estimate. You can order online by filling out some forms requested on the website page. If something is not clear and you want to ask, then please to keep humble for contacting or calling the call center number. It was also great to do as a way of ensuring that the fleet you want to rent it is available.

Chartering the aircraft is easy to do. However before making a deal, it is important to learn and consider some things. Some steps above can help you to make a good choice and decision of which the best air charter you can make a dealt with. And if you think you have no one to rely upon to consult about air charter,  we are  please to inform you about any information on air charter.